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Our Programs

Private Sessions with Joseph

Aaron brings in Joseph to work with our personal beliefs and to bring them into resonance with the Inner Self.  A session with Joseph is an experiential process, meeting and anchoring this energy.  Whether it is a specific experience that you desire, a feeling you wish to evoke, or simply a conversation you would like to have, Joseph is here to do so from the vantage point of our Eternal Self.  Each session is spent releasing resistance, meeting the Eternal Self and merging with that energy.

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Personalized Classes

Would you like to take your experiential spirituality to the next level?  Is there a goal or desire that you hold that you would like to anchor in your energetic field?  Joseph is here to do just that.  Programs with Joseph span 2 months, beginning with an introduction to your own energy and taking that connection to deeper levels of experience.  With a personalized weekly syllabus, twice weekly sessions, as well as personalized meditations, your experience with the energy of your desire will be profound and far-reaching.


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Books by Aaron and Joseph

Connect with the energy of Joseph and your Eternal Self through the journey of their first book: The Power of the Human Being.  Each section takes you through the process of intellectually understanding and experientially connecting with the power of your own inner being.  Beginning with yourself and your thoughts, moving into your relatio‍‍‍nships with others and finally expounding upon the nature of reality, Joseph takes you through a process that is reflected in your life as you turn each page.


Connect to your Eternal Energy with Sessions and Classes

‍‍‍Aaron brings in Joseph, a group of spiritual teachers, to shift your energy instantly and experience greater Well Being in this moment. Joseph works with your thoughts, beliefs, ideas and emotions to open up to this energy of potential that lies within you. Connecting with Joseph opens the door to a flood of new experience, letting your desires actualize piece-by-piece. As you allow this energy to flow, inspiration comes, new ideas come and definite steps to actualize your desire reveal themselves! Join those who are watching their lives change before their eyes and connect with Joseph and shift your energy now.

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“Joseph is a being with great humility and understanding of the process of allowing oneself to access eternal energy and bringing that energy with you in whatever you want to do or express. Throughout the channeling session it was spoken much about the unfolding of the energy that you cultivate during meditation. They speak with pure intentions and talk to you directly about what can help you resonate with whatever helps you the most in whate‍‍‍ver stage of growth that you are in. The session was enjoyable and gave some great clarity.”

“One session with Joseph really does change your life. The introduction to Joseph came into my life with perfect timing. As many of us have experienced, life puts us through great challenges, teaching us incredible lessons, always pushing us for‍‍‍ward. I had my sessions with Joseph and important things about myself began to unfold in the most amazing self discovery type ways. The Joseph collective was the shining light that showed me who I truly was and what I had created for myself, allowing me the right tools, and energy to move forward and im‍‍‍prove my life dramatically.”

“Joseph guided me within myself to a place of stillness and tranquility that had become elusive after many stressful years. Their presence as we reacquainted with this lightness of my being fortified and strengthened the sensation allowing me to visit this resting place of wholeness and no-stress in an on going daily practice.

I feel I was being given a new set of tools for living and a way to use them. Perhaps I already owned them but had forgotten where exactly I'd place them or how they worked. Joseph guided me with clarity, wisdom, kindness and grace.”



‍‍‍“For there is many in need, and the guidance to be given allows transformation of consciousness for many. So in this time, a gleaning of that import of your work and your position within that: the full soul contract to go forward in this 5th dimensionary energy as a being of increase and a being of sharing. Knowledge, wisdom, insights to others as a conduit for their life process.”

-THEO, through Sheila‍‍‍ Gillette, mentor to Esther Hicks